Setup your own deb repository

It is difficult to setup a Debian repository that is signed and can handle multiple versions of any single package. I went through many different packages and tutorials in how to setup my own Debian repository and it was a pain to find a method that works. My two requirements might be specific to my needs …


AngularJS interval example

One useful technique to keep content synced between client and server is doing continuous polling. Of course websockets are even better, but for this post, I’m going to just talk about the polling technique using AngularJS. AngularJS has an $interval service that can do this well. However, they do warn that you have to handle …


Getting Ionic framework running on Ubuntu

Very frustrating when it appears that Ionic setup is as simple as to get a helloworld running. But I received all kinds of errors when following those simple instructions. Primarily, there were Cordova dependencies that were missing and are not installed if you only follow Ionic instructions. So here they are. After installing cordova and …


Get Electricity Usage Analytics Like The Utility Companies

Ever wanted to track how much electricity a device at home is using over time? Here is a nice DIY for doing just that. It does require a bit of soldering but not much.