.NET formview edit mode problem

I encountered problem with the formview not switching to edit mode using the standard commandname=”Edit” for a linkbutton.  It turns out the problem was with the way I bind the data source to the formview through code behind.  I changed that to defining the formview tag with the attribute of datasource while defining the data source on the page code and everything worked just fine.  Go figure.

PHP header redirect

Something to remember when using header location to redirect a page from a server-side script.  The output is redirected to the new page, but the logic on the original file will continue to execute.  Therefore, if there are database calls the changes to the data will still be made even though a header redirect was issued.

To solve the problem, make sure to issue an exit() command after a header location command.

Information Ideas built Google Maps for Terradex to receive award

We have been building a few applications for Terradex over the past year that have received Environmental Achievement Awards using Google Maps API. The service pulls environmental contamination data from various environmental agencies and uses Google Maps to display their locations. The interface uses a non-page refresh AJAX technique to dynamically pull data as the visitor navigates through the map.

Google LatLng Blog
EPA Achievement Award Winners

Apple’s new iPhone causing lines to form by chance?

I was speaking with a friend this weekend about the new iPhone and he was surprised that Apple with all its technical abilities could not setup a better system for all their fans to get a hold of the new iPhone than to have everyone stand in line for five hours to purchase one.  Well, that was not by chance.  Steve Jobs wanted the launch to be so inefficient.  There are lots of benefits to having people wait five hours to buy one.

First and most important of all is PR.  Every newspaper I read had an article about the iPhone craze.  All the people walking by the line will certainly notice the launch.  The bragging that happens after a fan has stood in line for five hours to obtain one is going to be more than five months of non-stop blabbing (probably through his new iPhone).

Secondly when someone exerts so much effort to getting his hands on the device, he will love it more than life itself for a certain duration of time.  That love for the new iPhone will translate to an irrational love for Apple and resulting in Apple sell more products to these iPhone owners.

The launch was very well orchestrated.  Well done, Steve!

Useless content on the web

The web is full of information that nobody cares about. So many sites just throw content up as quickly as they can trying to gain the precious keyword indexing advantage on big search engines. As a result, this is also the reason why search engines are a necessity in order to get any valuable information online these days. But what all these sites are forgetting is that getting visitors to their pages is not the final goal. It is important to keep them consuming more pages and revisiting the sites over and over again. In order for that to happen, sites need to provide real value. What can they do for the visitors to help them solve a problem? If they focused on that aspect of their sites more, they would be having more success.