Replacing OpenGeo Suites on Windows with GeoServer on Linux

After our initial installation of OpenGeo Suites for WMS service on Windows, we encountered some stability issues that could not be resolved. We could have hired some high priced consultants to debug the issue but we opted for a lighter weight infrastructure.

Our initial system specs:

  • Windows Server 2008
  • 4GB ram
  • Quad core
  • Open Geo Suites running as Windows application

Our slim and fast system specs:

  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • 512MB ram
  • Quad core
  • GeoServer running as java process

So far so good. All layers are loading super fast. We will see how the stability issue is resolved. At least we are using a lot few resources now which makes scaling out to a cluster of GeoServers much more affordable.

3 thoughts on “Replacing OpenGeo Suites on Windows with GeoServer on Linux”

  1. I have install debian GNU/Linux 6 codename squeeze on a dell box with the following specs: RAM 2GB, HDD Raid 1 320GB, . I am using Open Geoserver, Apache2/Tomcat, PostgreSQL/PostGIS. It works well.

    I love debian GNU/Linux because it is stable, faster, efficient, versatile, immune to windows viruses, free etc. It also has all the GIS packages I need to do my job at work such as GRASS GIS, QGIS, Saga GIS, openJUMP, uDIG, gvSIG and an object-orientated relational database (PostgreSQL/PostGIS)

  2. That is cool. I had installed the gfeoserver on Debian GNU/Linux lenny and it worked perfectly well. I am installing it on Debian squeeze now and hope it will run perfectly well. It is a perfect mapping software.

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