USB security keys

So after setting up password storage on LastPass, I decided to find out how else to make my online login process more secure and less painful. This is when I came across this story about Facebook supporting USB security keys. So I decided to look into what a YubiKey 4 can do and I just ordered one. This device promises 2 factor authentication without the need to receive a text on your phone or have a key generator on your cellphone. I’ve used those other methodologies in the past for 2 factor authentication on gmail and github. But they are error prone as I am not very good at remember six digits and typing them back on my laptop. It also slows down my login process which of course I am not a fan off when trying to get things done fast.

There are geeky features which I always like. It can store key pairs so I can use the YubiKey 4 to ssh without having a private key stored on my hard drive. That prevents someone from stealing my private key if my laptop gets compromised. I found this how to YubiKey-SSH that explains it.

Anyway, more security for the new year!

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