Google Chrome Voice Search Extension Memory Leak

Screenshot from 2013-12-11 16:57:26This was observed on Ubuntu 12.04 where just opening Chrome without going to any pages would see memory start to get eaten up. The cpu usage would go way up as well. The culprit was the Google Voice Search Hotword Extension. If you go to upper right three horizontal bars -> Tools -> Extensions and disable that extension, everything is solved.

Get Electricity Usage Analytics Like The Utility Companies

Ever wanted to track how much electricity a device at home is using over time? Here is a nice DIY for doing just that. It does require a bit of soldering but not much.

Bitbucket brightens my day from the github pricing gloom

I’ve been using github for a while now and honestly, it rocks. It really beats the heck out of the dinosaur, svn. However, the pricing for private repos on github is just something I had a hard time justifying. I have been running my own svn server for quite a while and it does not create additional cost to me. Plus, I can have unlimited number of private repos and of course because I can, I do. So in order to switch to github and shutdown my svn server, I would have to pay $50/month since I have more than 20 projects.

Alas, I have found what I’m looking for. Bitbucket. It is also git, although you can use mercurial too, but I just prefer git. It has all the niceties of github like integrated issue tracking, ease of collaboration, and of course all the good stuff of git. But the pricing is very different. They take the route that if you don’t have many contributors to a project, then it is too small charge. So they allow you to have private repos for free up to 5 users. After that, you need to start paying. That makes a lot more sense to me since after that, you are definitely running a legitimate business and should pull your weight. Before that, they are considered play projects or incubator projects. Oh, and you can have unlimited number of free private projects.

Time to say goodbye to my svn server.

Laravel, another php framework to explore

Laravel is a framework in the same class as Codeigniter. However, at first glance it implements a couple of annoying missing features I’ve waited a longtime for CI to add but have yet to do it: full unit-testing and ORM. For ORM, there have been many third party addons/sparks that would add the functionality but not from base install. Unit testing is a much bigger problem in CI. There is no good way to integrate php-unit or simpletest to test your code. So we are left trying to unit test with the joke implementation of unit testing library from CI.

I’m hoping Laravel will prove to be as amazing as what people have been raving about in the blogsphere. Can’t wait to give it a shot.