Scaling down from MS to open source

We just moved a service that was running on the Microsoft stack (Windows Server 2008, .NET, MSSql Server, IIS) to an open source stack (Ubuntu Server, php, Codeigniter framework, apache2, postgres).

We now run the service on a cloud server with dual cpu and 256MB ram (Yes, that’s megabytes).

The old server ran on dual core with 2GB of ram.

asp:HyperLink With Dynamic URLs

Much headache to get this to work. The following format will allow dynamic url with multiple variables in the query string in a itemtemplate.

<asp:HyperLink ID=”HyperLink1″ runat=”server”
Text=”Link Text”
NavigateUrl='<%# “~/mypage.aspx?var1=”+ Eval(“Var1”) + “&var2=” + Eval(“var2”)%>’>

NOTE: Make sure any literal between <%# and %> uses double quotes NOT single quotes.

Other methods for handling dynamic NavigateUrl