Scaling down from MS to open source

We just moved a service that was running on the Microsoft stack (Windows Server 2008, .NET, MSSql Server, IIS) to an open source stack (Ubuntu Server, php, Codeigniter framework, apache2, postgres).

We now run the service on a cloud server with dual cpu and 256MB ram (Yes, that’s megabytes).

The old server ran on dual core with 2GB of ram. formview problem updating data

Very strange behavior with formviews on  For some reason, if I declare the SqlDataSource on the page source but then do the binding of the SqlDataSource to the formview in code behind, no error are shown but the data does NOT get updated on edit.

So instead of doing this in code behind

summary.DataSourceID = "summaryDS";

I need to do this on the page

<asp :FormView ID="summary"

A previous problem I encountered with formview

.NET formview edit mode problem

I encountered problem with the formview not switching to edit mode using the standard commandname=”Edit” for a linkbutton.  It turns out the problem was with the way I bind the data source to the formview through code behind.  I changed that to defining the formview tag with the attribute of datasource while defining the data source on the page code and everything worked just fine.  Go figure.