Citibank web security

Big security hole at Citigroup website

Many may have read about the recent hack into the Citibank’s website that leaked 200,000 user account. At first, one would imagine that it must have been a¬†sophisticated¬†job. Well, the news is just out on how the hacker broke in. It is something anyone could have done by just looking at the URL after they have logged into Citibank and replace the account number with another number to gain access to someone else’s account. It is pure negligence on the part of Citibank’s development team.

I wonder how many people are now looking at their own URLs to determine how much they are revealing.

Find out who sold your email to marketers

Here is a website that can help if you are wondering how your email was released to the public for spam. This spam tracking site finds out if you sign up for anything online that requires an email address, what is your likely hood of leaking this information out to marketers.

It would be wise to take check out any website on before giving away your valuable email information.