Gain Traffic By Misleading Visitors

It has been a very hated tactic used by some spamming sites that register misspelling of well known sites in order to trap the unsuspecting surfers. At one point, if you were looking for the president of the United States and typed “”, you would see a different Bush, as the domain is a porn site. Same as domain names like,, and on and on…

However, only spammy or porn sites would use such a tactic, right? Unfortunately, that is no longer true. I just came across when I really wanted to go to and I was brought to… guess what, Blockbuster decided instead of building a better online video rental site, they would join the ranks of spam and porn sites by misleading people. Hmm, great business plan.

I wonder if there are other examples of this type of activity in the corporate world. If I find anymore, I will be sure to post them.

Find out who sold your email to marketers

Here is a website that can help if you are wondering how your email was released to the public for spam. This spam tracking site finds out if you sign up for anything online that requires an email address, what is your likely hood of leaking this information out to marketers.

It would be wise to take check out any website on before giving away your valuable email information.