G1 Android Phone

I just received my G1 phone in the mail as it is spectacular.  The touch screen works very well and the built-in GPS, wi-fi, and 3G network/ functionalities will allow developers build some very exciting new applications for these phones.  It also has a compass that is demonstrated using the Street View of Google Maps.  When viewing Street View, if you start spinning in one spot the image will rotate according to the direction the back of the phone is facing.  It probably has a built-in level also that allows the Street View to pan up to the sky or down to the ground when the phone is moved in those directions.

The Android Market is where users can download application that runs on the phone built by developers (Google and other developers).  It currently has about 50 applications from their Android Developer Challenge.  On October 27, 2008, they will open up the Android Market to all developers to submit their applications.  Currently, all applications in the market must be free of charge, but in the first quarter 2009 they will allow applications that charge a fee.  It is interesting that Google has made the Android Market totally open and policed/ ranked by users.  They will not require approval for any application and anyone can put applications on the market.  That is very different form Apple’s iPhone App Store where they are gatekeepers to every application sold to iPhone users by using a review process.  We will see how this pans out, but so far it seems promising.

Well, I’m going to start building Android Apps so that’s it for now.